Common Causes for Drain Blockages

A sink with water draining

It is almost impossible to find a homeowner who would have not experienced any kind of drain blockages within their property Drain blockage is one of the most irritating issues that homeowners face every once in a while and no matter what the root cause of a drain blockage, dealing with this is no easy job.

Although certain defects in the drain pipe systems are the root cause of blocked drains, there are certain objects that are found to block the drains, as well. Here are some factors that could play a major role in exacerbating the situation.

Bad Housekeeping

One of the most prevalent causes of drain blockages is the habit of householders putting different things in the sink that should have actually found their place in the rubbish bin. Sanitary products, nappies and food leftovers are the main culprits, as far as causing issues within the drain system is concerned.

Grease and Fat

Fatty residues normally washes down and can accumulate within the drains, especially down the water trap in the kitchen gulley. The cold water and grease combined together start to coagulate and stick to the inside of the pipelines. Over a period, the drainage systems lose the efficiency because of the build-up of excess fat.

Blocked Toilets

One of the biggest problems with the loo is the coagulation of foreign subjects that are flushed away in the toilet lines. Over flushing of cigarettes, toilet paper and other objects tend to get stuck in the toilet over a period of time.

Hair fall

Apart from the leftovers, fats and surplus debris from the kitchen flowing down the sink; the other main source of blockage is the hair strands of an individual. Hair tends to trouble even more when the problem of grease is already causing a strong blockage inside the pipelines.

Subsequent Work

Pipes are quite fragile, particularly the vitrified clay pipelines. If these pipes were installed without following proper industry standards or if they are troubled by any subsequent construction projects, the pipelines can often face problems that take a good amount of time to be noticed, which often results in a blockage.

Tree Root Ingress

Plant roots are generally on the lookout for more water resources to satiate their water nourishment needs; household drains could serve as a great water source for such plants. Even the slightest damage in the drains or a miniature default in construction can lead to water leakage, thereby attracting strong roots towards the source.

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