Why have a drain CCTV survey in Aylesbury?

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A drain CCTV survey in Aylesbury can be a great benefit to homeowners for many different reasons.  From new home buyers looking for peace of mind before they sign to damaged drains being repaired much easier a CCTV drain survey can help enormously.

New home buyer CCTV drain survey

Having to repair a broken, collapsed or blocked drain after purchasing a new home is a nightmare scenario it would be wise to avoid if you can. One major step you can take to minimise the chance of this is to have a pre-purchase CCTV drain survey completed before you complete a purchase.  In fact, many mortgage providers are now requiring buyers to perform these surveys before they will be granted the finances necessary to purchase a home. 

If any issues are found then they can be resolved by the current owner before the sale takes place. This can often be covered by their homeowners’ insurance whereas if found upon moving into the property can often not be covered if an inspection had not been completed before purchasing.

Benefits of CCTV drain surveys

Blocked drains can occur for many different reasons. Waste material can build up inside the pipe, or tree roots can work their way in between the joints of the pipe and obstruct the flow of the drain. A blocked drain should never be ignored because if left alone a blockage can result in serious damage, and even a ruptured pipe, which will need to be replaced – costing significantly more amounts of money and disruption compared with dealing with it in a timely manner.

The quicker you can identify the problem, the more chance you have of avoiding any serious damage, and no method is faster than a CCTV survey.

By inserting a closed-circuit television camera into the drains, any evidence of blockages, cracks or other damage can be found quickly. This is a great alternative to needing large amounts of exploratory work which can mean having several holes dug into your garden to find the point of concern. Such work could cost thousands and a drain CCTV survey can alleviate these costs. 

Any home insurance claims can be helped to be completed much easier by having video evidence of the damage, whether a common blockage or something more severe such as tree root damage.

When any damage or issue has been found using a CCTV drain survey, knowing the exact cause and spot in your drain system the problem occurs makes it much easier and less wasteful for anyone involved to resolve.  It can prevent you wasting time and money with fruitless repair attempts such as pumping a chemical clearer into a pipe that is blocked by tree roots.

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Here at Drain Maintenance Surveys, we have unparalleled experience dealing with every aspect of drain care. We specialise in CCTV surveys for commercial properties, and can also clean your drain or make any necessary repairs. We use only the latest and most effective technology in order to ensure that your drain problems are dealt with as quickly and efficaciously as possible.

You can browse our website to view our wide range of drain unblocking and clearing services, as well as more on what our CCTV surveys can offer you. If a blocked drain is giving you problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us today and let us set your mind at ease.


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