Top Tips To Protect Your Plumbing This Winter

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Winter. It’s the time when you really can’t afford for anything to go wrong with your plumbing and heating, and typically the time when it always does. Pipes can shrink or even freeze over during colder weather, causing havoc with water and heating. But there are a few things you can do to avoid and protect against a plumbing inconvenience. Here at Drain Maintenance Services, we thought we would offer you some tips to help look after your property’s plumbing this winter.

Insulate All Pipes

Look under your sink, in your attic and basement for any exposed pipes and make sure that these are fully insulated. Try fitting foam around them or pipe lagging, to provide a little extra insulation and ensure that they don’t freeze over. You can also pour hot water down all of your sinks, to warm up and flush out the pipes.

Seal Heat Leaks

You’d be surprised how much difference a small crack can make to the temperature of a room. Go round your house checking the windows and doors for any small spaces which could allow heat to leak out, and seal them with caulk.

Drain & Flush Your Water Heater

Your water heater will be working overtime over the winter months, so give it a fighting chance with a good flush out before the cold season hits. This will help remove build-up and hopefully prolong your heater’s life.

Eliminate Leaks & Drips

Have you been putting off fixing that leaky tap? Now is the time to take action! The slow release of water from a small leak means that it’s much more likely to freeze over, causing your pipe to become blocked. Plus, it’s a huge waste of water which can cost you money.

If you’re looking for help with blocked drains in Aylesbury this winter, look no further than Drain Maintenance Services. For more information, please call 01296 651992 or contact us online.

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